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Jumping in the Deep End

I have been treading water the past several months. Staying just aware enough to keep an eye on what I eat and make sure I exercise about three times a week. The result has been being stuck in the 190s since the end of October. I've managed to get down to 190.4 but the pattern has been I lose a little, gain a little. Luckily, I've done more losing than gaining. But I miss the days of being confident in my behaviors enough to know that every week when I stepped on the scale I would have a loss. That's where my head was last July through October. Back in July I had a goal to get to onderland by my October anniversary and I was 100% in the game. I want to be there again. I've had good-hearted attempts the last several months that have resulted in the scale getting down to the lower end of the 190s but I'm want to get back to the weekly confidence. So here's how I'm going to do it.

I'm doing a 10-day Shakeology Challenge!

So, if you know me at all, that statement above will have surprised you.

I'm not into shakes and powders and energy drinks. I've never believed they work like people say they do. To say I'm skeptical is an understatement. When I drink a Redbull I don't see any difference. Now, that may all be in my head, but all I can think about is I wasted my money on this Redbull and I'm still sleepy.

So why am I doing this? Reread that first paragraph and that's the main reason. I need a challenge. I need to push myself and prove that I can accomplish my goals. Yes, the challenge includes drinking one Shakeology a day (more on that in future posts) and paying for the shakes (enter my skeptical nature) but it also demands daily exercise, eating 5-6 small healthy meals a day, drinking at least 80 oz of water a day and checking in with my coach daily. I am not doing ANY of those things now.

This is me - when I commit to something like this, I go all in. I will do each of those things EVERY SINGLE DAY. And now that I've typed that on here you can be dang sure I'm going to do it.

This is my jump start. So honestly, I don't really care if the shakes do anything or not. It's the whole package that I need. Yes, the cost was what kept me from doing this in the past, but when I factored in that I was NOT going to be eating fast food for breakfast and/or lunch during this challenge, that I would make that money up.

Another reason I decided to do this now is because I finally got a Magic Bullet.

But wait there's more ...

I got a Magic Bullet at a garage sale for $3.

The lady had it marked for $5 and I asked her why she was selling it and she said she was too lazy to use it and she only used it a couple of times. Then my awesome husband haggled her down to $3. So that's a $57 savings right there. (See what I did there? This is how I justify spending money. My husband loves this about me - insert sarcasm). So I've been using the bullet every day and we were already spending a ton of $ on fruit every week and my new smoothy habit has already added to that budget so I figure a shakeology a day is going to save some of that fruit budget in the end. [JUSTIFIED]

And the final reason I'm doing this challenge is because my Zumba instructor is leading it and if there's one thing I know about Geraldine is that she's trustworthy. She's never once asked me to try Shakeology or pushed the product on me. Which makes me trust her even more (I think I realize I have a trust issue after typing all this).

Me and Geraldine!

So I stopped worrying and debating and I sent Geraldine this message "Ok, I want in on your next 10-day challenge. Please send me the dates, cost and details. Thanks!"

I jumped in the deep end ... I'm done treading water!

Part of my commitment to this challenge is I'm going to blog all 10 days of the challenge. So watch out for more posts about the challenge and how I'm doing with it. I also talked to Geraldine about that fact that I was going to blog about this challenge and she was totally supportive of that - she told me to share whatever I want about the challenge. If your curious about what Shakeology is, you can check out the web page here. But the boilerplate version is this - "Shakeology is a patent-pending nutritional protein shake that provides a wide spectrum of healthy nutrients in a low-calorie formula. Whether you use it as a meal replacement for weight loss or simply to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal health, Shakeology takes the guesswork out of nutrition." Shakeology is available exclusively through the Beachbody Coach Network (think P90X).

If you have any questions for Geraldine you can contact her here. You'll here more about Geraldine over the next 10 days. But here are few post here, here and here about the Zumba classes I take with her.

Challenge starts tomorrow!

I keep forgeting to acknowledge this blog award I received from the fabulous Whitney at Getting Healthy. Thanks Whitney! I recently shared a few of my favorite bloggers in this post.

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