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Weigh In and My Favorite Blogs

Weigh In Day - May 27
Previous weight - 194
Current weight - 191.8
Difference - 2.2 pounds (still need to lose 1.4 lbs to get to 5/6/11 weight)

Total weight lost 53.2 pounds

Sunday - Stair climbing - (60 min.) (this was just in my basement, but I went up and down those stairs a million times)
Monday - Zumba (60 min.)
Monday - Interval Training (60 min.)
Wednesday - Zumba (60 min.)

I think this top is cute, but it's not doing anything for me by hiding my thinnest area - oh well, it was clean!

I'm finally getting some of these extra pounds off. My body hasn't felt right the last few weeks. I've been bloated and my stomach hasn't been feeling well. I'm starting to feel better and at the same time the scale is going down. I put on my rings this morning and a lot of the swelling was down. I guess it was just one of those things I had to work through.

I wanted to share three of my favorite blogs I'm reading right now. These are the three that I read first when I see they have a new post on my Google Reader.

  1. Back to Her Roots - Cassie is a Hoosier like me, so bonus points right there. My favorite things about her blogposts are her recommendations. So far I've made her Garden Onion Burgers, purchased Bondie Bands for my weirdly shaped head, and started using TeuxDeux to get my life organized. Next on my TeuxDeux list is Cassie's recommended Jump Bag to prepare my family for all these tornado warnings we have every spring.
  2. Enjoying the Small Things - Kelle's blog isn't wellness related, but it is all about life and appreciating every day that we have on this earth and spending it with the people we love the most. My favorite thing about Kelle's blogposts are her gorgeous photographs and her talent for storytelling.
  3. Running off the Reese's - Now this blog is just fun! Cely has a great sense of humor and I crack up at her multiple daily posts. My favorite thing about Cely's blogposts are the hilarious photo captions she writes on the photos she posts - usually of celebrities. I also found out about the free, photo-editing web site Picnik from her blog.
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