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Baxter YMCA Zumba for All

April 23 marked the 2nd annual Baxter YMCA Zumba for All fundraiser. Here's my favorite photo of the day.

me and Stacey
This is my good friend, Stacey, who joined my Y a few months ago and has been keeping me company at Zumba. She's good and addicted now - I think she even made her first Zumba clothing online order last week :) Love her.

This event was pretty much like going to Geraldine's Zumba classes on Monday evening - we were in the gym and it was mostly just the girls that usually go to class during the week. Oh, and it was 2-hours too.

One big difference was my Mom was there!!!!

Mom and me
It had been awhile since she Zumba'd, but she did great. I think I inherited my lack of rhythm from her, but we both can fake it with the best of them :)

I finally got of photo of me with Geraldine.

Me and Geraldine
Geraldine is so awesome. We all love the words of encouragement that she shouts out to us during her classes. I think the crowd favorite saying is "YES YOU CAN!"

I was also happy to see my friend Rachel make it out to the fundraiser - I didn't get a photo of her :( - I talked to her during the break and she said she was having so much fun. She does the Zumba videos at home. More power to her - I rented a Zumba video once and just could not get into it. For me it's the class interaction that motivates me. Geraldine said it perfectly at her class a few weeks ago - we all help each other. We draw motivation and enthusiasm from each other. If one of is having an off night, the person next to us will help us pick it up.

Here are a couple of shots of the fabulous instructors that were leading us at the event.

Stephanie, Kim, Tina, Lisa, Ashley, Geraldine and Lindsay
Tina, Brittany, Granita and Tina
Kim, pictured above, was my first Zumba instructor. I'm so thankful for her. She was the one that made me fall in love with Zumba. This was back when I was 220 lbs., in the back row, wearing baggy t-shirts. She's hard core and man, can she move. It was great working out again with her.

Me, Tina, Lisa and Stephanie before the event.
I had a lot of fun at the fundraiser. It was great because I knew most of the routines and got an excellent workout. Most of the time at fundraisers and master classes I'm not working as hard because I'm not familiar with the routines.

The girls had a great play list and it was fun to have all my favorite instructors there together. I tried to snap as many photo as I could. We have nearly 130 group members on the Facebook group that I admin and I was hoping that most of the members would be able to see themselves in all their Zumba glory.

Lyndsay, Greta, Jennifer and Kimberly

Emily, April and Jennifer

Tina, Greta and Lindsay
Emily, rocking the belly skirt!

Bessie and her mama
Stacey and Mom
It didn't take long before the cute hair and makeup was gone.

Emily and me "glowing"
Emily and Bessie
And here a few of the regulars that you all are used to seeing.

Fatima and Shannon
Lindsay and Ashley
Jill, Stephanie and Ashley
Geraldine telling us to leave all the stress at the door and be in the moment and pretty much just that we all kick butt.

Ok, I think we're good on photos.

So, Mom and Stacey had to leave early. By the time we finished the two hours I was ravenous. I high-tailed it out of the gym and drove over to Five Guys and took a little cheeseburger and fries home with me and then promptly inhaled it when I got home.

Problem was I continued to eat like I had just finished 2-hours of Zumba for the rest of the (Easter) weekend. I gave myself two weeks to get my holiday gain off and as of this morning I'm finally there. Let's see if I can keep my head in the game today and tomorrow.

Last photo - promise. On the left is me at this event last year:
2010 vs. 2011


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