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What Do I Do With These Leftover Points?

So ... funny thing happened last night. I got home from Zumba and went straight to the kids room to read their bedtime stories. As I was into my second book I paused and told Jacob to run and tell Daddy to start making my sandwich for dinner because I was starving. The hunger came on sudden and strong. I told him I'd stop reading until he got back.

Jacob returned with a question - "Daddy wants to know what you'd like on your sandwich?" I sent Jacob back to Jim with a request for egg whites, ham and cheese on a whole wheat sandwich thin. Jacob returned with a little salute and announcement that his mission was complete.

After finishing up "Enchanted" (Gracie's pick). I met Jim in the kitchen and inhaled my sandwich. It was so good. And I was full.

I made my way to the computer room to enter my points for the sandwich and also to put in the ice cream bar I would be eating later and there it was. A seven.

I had 7 points left over. In the year and half that I've tracked points (off and on) I've never had that many points left over. Sure, I might have one or two left and I'll eat a treat to use them up, but never 7.

So I went back into the kitchen, opened the pantry door and pondered what I would eat to use up my points. And I looked and looked.

Finally, I yelled over to Jim, "Hun, I have 7 points leftover. What should I do with them?"

He asked, "Are you hungry?"

I answered, "No. Should I not use them?"

He said, "Well, if you're not hungry ..."

I shut the pantry door.

It was weird. I had only eaten 23 of my 30 daily points and I wasn't hungry.

Here's a breakdown of why I think I experienced this.

For breakfast I had Kashi granola bar (3 pts.). My morning snack was 2 tbsp. of roasted red pepper hummus (1 pt.) (my new favorite) and 15 Kashi crackers (2 pts.). On my lunch hour I went to Trader Joe's* (which is why I didn't post to my blog until last night when I was delirious for some reason). I picked up some TJ crunchy peanut butter, jelly and whole wheat bread. I made a sandwich when I got back to work (7 pts.) along with a banana (2 pts.). Afternoon snack was a TJ fruit leather thingy (1 pt.). On my way to Zumba I ate another Kashi granola bar (this flavor was 2 pts.) and then when I got home I had the sandwich I wrote about above (3 pts.) and ended the night with my ice cream bar (2 pts.)

Now, this all may be in my head but I think the reason I wasn't hungry yesterday is because of what I ate. There was no high fructose corn syrup to be found. Again, it might all be mental, but everything I ate (besides the ice cream) could be termed "healthy" in my eyes. Was that why I was full? None of that process crap I've been eating for so many years? None of that eating a packaged food and being hungry an hour later? I'm really intrigued by this. I hope it wasn't a fluke.

(Disclaimer - please note, I believe WW recommends you use all of your daily points.)

* I wanted to mention I went to Trader Joe's to pick up the low-fat Kettle Corn in individual bags that my reader Two Fat Girls Take Umbrage recommended and TJ peanut butter and jelly that my reader Stacy recommended in my What's in My Shopping Bag? post. FYI - Gracie and Jim both gave a thumbs up to the kettle corn and I really liked the TJ peanut butter and will get used to the jelly :) I'm not loving the TJ bread I got; taste's a little weird to me and it's high in points.


I'm anxiously awaiting my new phone. The camera on my current phone doesn't work so I'm hoping once my new one comes in I'll be able to add photos more frequently. Until then here's a recent pic of me.

My favorite, Liz, and me in California a few weeks ago.
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