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Mama's Got A New Pair of Shoes

Check out my new kicks!

It's been almost a year since my last pair of shoes so while we were picking up school shoes for the kids I picked up these beauties for myself. They're shinny! I love them. They're not as heavy as my old sneakers so I can move my feat faster.

Last night I went to Zumba at my YMCA and I was so glad to be back. I hadn't realized how much I missed it until I was back. If you remember, I tried Zumba while I was in Maryland but wasn't that impressed. I know for sure now it's because it wasn't my Zumba. I've been doing Zumba at the YMCA for nearly a year and most of the people that fill up the room are familiar faces. I know the routines without having to look at the instructor. I get a kick-butt workout and I feel so good afterwards. I see now that it's because of the experience I've built up from my gym.

I was on fire last night and tonight at class. I wanted to keep going and going and going. It was great. I feel great. I'm really tired right now - a bit slap happy. (Can you tell? Was it the two "greats" I just used in the sentences before.)

Anyway, my friend Mary Ellen started going to Zumba five months ago. She was my first friend that gave Zumba a try and she fell in love with it just like me. She goes as often as she can and she's doing great.

She was directly two rows behind me tonight, but I didn't see her for a couple of songs because I didn't recognize her. She looks awesome and I told her so! When she first started Zumba, she was like me - in baggy t-shirts; in the back row. Now she's moving her way towards the front and sporting cute workout tank tops. I can see the confidence in her eyes as she working out. Here's Mary Ellen (I hope it's ok I stole this photo of you :)

Mary Ellen - she's my favorite

On our way out of class tonight Mary Ellen and I were chatting and she mentioned the Zumba class I took in Maryland. I tried to explain to her how I didn't like it as much as I do our class. She said she had tried a Zumba class while she was out of town and she felt the same too. Here reasoning was simple and spot on. She said it wasn't as fun. That's exactly it. My Zumba class is fun. The people in my class are fun, the songs are fun, the moves are fun.

I will be ending this post now since I'm repeating words like "great" and "fun" and because I'm slouched over the computer, shivering from the sweat that's dried and making me cold.

Jim just made me a delicious egg white, cheese and ham sandwich on a sandwich thin for dinner. It was yummy. I read the kids a couple of stories. Next I'm going to shower, eat my WW ice cream bar, read and fall asleep as soon as I shut my light off. Have a great night everyone!
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