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Wedding #2 and My Favorite Sandwich

Operation weekend was a success! Although it started on a down note. I was really discouraged on Friday when the scale only went down .2 pounds for the week. That's when the head games started and I began to question if it was really worth the effort. Like I mentioned in my last post I really wanted to go into the weekend strong and stay on plan. I was most worried about repeating the mistakes I had made at the wedding last weekend again at another wedding we went to this weekend.

This past Saturday, by the time we headed out to the evening wedding I only had 300 calories left for the day. The quality and quantity of food I had eaten earlier in the day wasn't very healthy or satisfying but I was determined to stay within my calories. After the wedding ceremony we made our way to the outdoor reception where all I could see was the table of cookies, cupcakes and candy. At this point my stubbornness set in and there was no way I was going to eat any of it. I knew if I took even one bite it would be over and I would be sampling everything on the table. Instead I used my remaining calories enjoying two Blue Moons. I went to bed hungry and grouchy, kicking myself for not making better, healthier use of my calories for the day but also proud that I didn't just throw in the towel and indulge.

That was the hump I need to get over. Knowing that I could do it. I'm happy to report when I last got on the scale I was down another 1.5 pounds from my disappointing Friday weigh-in. Finally!

I also want to share my favorite meal with you all. Gracie and I go to Noodles & Co. every week after her dance class. It's one of our favorite traditions.

Last year I was all about the Penne Rosa with Shrimp. It's so good! But I burned myself out on it and I was starting to notice it didn't keep me full long enough. Calorie count is 490 for the small bowl and I was beginning to be tempted with the large bowl which is 870 calories - not good. So a few weeks ago I was looking at their menu for something else to try. They list calorie counts on their menu and I was intrigued by The Med sandwich which was only 330 calories.

Oh my goodness you guys - it's incredible. The first time I ate it I was saying - there is no way this sandwich is only 330 calories. It is so delicious. Chicken, mushrooms, spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber, red onion, zippy Med dressing, cilantro and feta on flatbread. The dressing is my favorite part. And it keeps me fuller much longer then the penne. I also get a side of Tomato Bisque for 160 calories.

Now I want to go to Noodles & Co. :)
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