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Week 6 is the New Week 4

Overdue ...

Weigh in Day - May 3
Previous weight - 198.6
Current weight - 197.8
Difference - lost .8 lb.

Total weight lost - 47.2 pounds
I swear I ironed my shirt that morning :(

As you can see by my loss last week, I was still chugging along doing what I needed to be doing. I had planned my menu for the week and stuck to it. I was so happy when I saw another loss on the scale on Friday.

But mentally things started to change last week. I hit that wall where I start to wonder if it's making any difference. I ignored the fact that my pants were fitting looser and instead concentrated on what my head was telling me - the only proof of my hard work was a number on a scale. Thoughts of doubt started to creep in, wondering if I really could lose weight (hello, I've lost six and a half pounds in the past five weeks). And if it was all worth it - was it worth the planning and measuring and restricting (of course it is)?

So then the weekend hit and I lost my focus and control. I didn't go crazy and eat a ton of sweets or burgers or fries. I just didn't plan my meals and although I wasn't eating unhealthy, I was eating too much.

I never did go back and track my points for the weekend - I already knew I had blown through all my extra points for the week and then some. I've been doing ok since Monday. I didn't plan my meals for the week, but I went to the store and bought the same groceries I've been buying the past few weeks. I've just been looking at past menus to plan my day - so I'm still within my daily points, I'm just no planning my meals. It looks like I'll have a small gain on Friday.

And I hate it. I hate the lack of control I'm feeling. So I'm going to fix that today. Back to what I know works.

I've been waiting for this to happen. I wrote about it here. I thought it would happen on Week 4 but it actually hit full force this week - Week 6. It's all a head game at this point. I have to get over this hump and then I will start to see the physical results. When that happened last time, it was smooth sailing for several months. I noticed a physical difference and then my friends started to see it too and pay me compliments which is so very motivating to me.

I'm right there. After writing this I feel stronger already. I can do this. I have so much to look forward to this summer and I want to look and feel my best for it. The next event on my "list" is my summer camp alumni dinner at the end of the month. According to my goal spreadsheet I will be at 194 lbs. I would love to wear a pretty maxi dress while I'm there and feel absolutely amazing in it. And let's not forget my reunion that's only 20 weeks away!

Here are a couple of photos of why I've been so busy lately - Gracie's youth ballet performance was Sunday and last week was filled with practices and dress rehearsal. She did a great job and looked beautiful. We had a lot of bonding time last week and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Dress rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Free comic book day!
Proud Daddy and Grandpa!

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