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Weigh In and Food Update

Weigh in Day - April 5
Previous weight - 204.2
Current weight - 201.6
Difference - loss 2.6 lb.

Total weight lost - 43.4 pounds

I feel pretty good about that loss considering I didn't have a good start over the weekend.

Like I said yesterday, I've come a long way this week. I can safely say as of today I feel like I'm "back!" I have control over my eating. I'm ready to start my workouts (look for future posts). And most importantly I'm excited!!!

Two of the big obstacles that I let get in my way this time around were food and exercise. Wait, those ARE the two things you need for weight loss!

What I mean is this:

With exercise I need something different. I still love Zumba and when I actually go, I feel great but I need a change. I just didn't know what it is. (I think it's circuit training but stayed tuned on that). I also have different demands on my time now than I did three and four years ago. We are busier now. The kids have so much homework, dance practice, Scouts, Jim has a lot of evening meetings. It's just too easy to make excuses not to go to the exercise classes that fall when I'm home and the kids are awake (6 p.m.-8p.m.). I don't have the exercise part figured out yet, but I'm working on a plan. More to come.

With food, I was lost as where to even start. I knew that I didn't want to go back to the frozen meals. I was in the habit of eating out for lunch everyday. I just had no clue what I would even need to buy at the store. That's another thing - I haven't wanted to go to the store the past few months. I've even asked Jim to go a few times for me to get breakfast items for the kids. I wonder if this is why I didn't want to go - because I was so lost.

But I am ready to tackle the diet part of this. So, like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was reading another blogger's posts from beginning to end and I let her do all the work for me. She works full time with an hour long commute each way (sound familiar?). She packs her lunch everyday and it's nothing fancy. It was perfect for me to copy.

Yesterday, I was heading out to run by Chick-fil-A to grab a salad and I chose instead to just go to the grocery store because I needed some afternoon snacks anyway.

Here's what I got:

This cost just a little more than what I'd spend on my lunches out, even with the pre-cut fruit and hard boiled eggs.

I was able to eat about 3/4 of that salad kit and it was only 5 points. Add in the 4 point yogurt and that totals the amount of points of that cookie I was wanting the other day. No thank you, I'd rather get full on the salad and feel good about myself.

Here's another secret to eating right. When you plan to eat something that may be higher in calories, you will enjoy it a whole lot more than if you're just shoving it in your face without thinking. Take that peanut butter up there. I like peanut butter just fine, but yesterday afternoon when I had a Tbsp. (4 points) of it with my apple (0 points) it tasted so good.

So here are the other things that I'm planning on getting at the store this weekend:

Breakfast will be eggs and toast or smoothies and granola bar.

Salads for lunches. I'll get some precooked grilled chicken to heat up and add to them. This is what Skinny Meg eats everyday for lunch. There are many different ways to eat a salad so there's no reason to get bored. Plus I'd rather consume less points at lunch and more at dinner. And with two snacks while at work I won't get hungry.

Snacks will be fruit and veggies, yogurt, hummus and pretzels and hard boiled eggs.

Dinner will be from my Pinterest Boards - search smpindy.

I'm back in the mindset that food is fuel and not "what do I feel like eating right now?"  And when I do go out to eat with the family and use my extra points, it will taste even sweeter.

Let me know in the comments if you're just getting started (or started again) too so I know there's someone else out there with me. I'm excited for the coming week!

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