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In Control

I wrote this note on my phone on Saturday:

I love feeling in control. This was what I was missing before on my failed attempts. I was just fooling myself when I tried before. My heart wasn't in it. Now I want to blog all the time. I have so much to say and I'm so excited about so many things. I want to shop now, but I should wait until I get the 10 pounds off. 

It really was a great weekend. Such a huge difference from last weekend when I forgot that I was "back on it" when we went out to eat. Now, this is all in the front of my mind.

I did great with my food all weekend. I was in control and knew exactly what I was doing. I tried out a few new recipes.

But let me back up a little. I put in a lot of time this weekend setting myself up for success with food. My biggest note to myself, if I ever find myself lost again, is that I can't eat fast food and lose weight. If I think I can, I'm lying to myself.

So I went to the store on Saturday and spent a ton of money :( But I had never been so proud of the contents of my grocery cart in my life! Sunday is where the real work began. I took my grocery list and then would pull each item from the pantry or the fridge and calculate the WW+ points. Then I started working on my menu for the week. And I'm not just talking ideas jotted down for each day. No, I'm talking I have every meal and snack plotted out for the rest of the week. This was a tip from Skinny Meg. This little nugget has really stuck with me from reading her blog.

You should never wake up and think 'what am I going to eat today'

And so that was my goal for this week. To take all thinking out of what I'm eating. I'm totally in control now.

It took awhile to prep all this. To plan the menu and calculate points and see my point totals for the day and make adjustments. I imagine it will be even more time consuming when I start exercising (I promise I will write a post on this soon - I've tried exercising recently and am having issues with asthma. Multiple trips to the doctor, etc. etc.)

Then I prepped my food last night that I would take today for work as well as cut up all the fresh fruit. It took forever, but it's worth it. I would not have enough time to do it every morning. It has to be done the night before.

This morning I've done something I'm ashamed to admit I've never done before. I made a "real" breakfast for my kids before they went to school. Eggs, turkey sausage, toast, fresh fruit. I was worried they might complain that they wanted their usual frozen waffles (such a poor choice I know) but they didn't bat an eyelash. They ate almost everything too. The only thing not eaten was Gracie's toast because she didn't like the bread (picky picky).

It took me an extra 15 minutes. That just makes me so sad that I never spent the 15 extra minutes to make my kids a healthy breakfast to start their day right.

Anyway, here's my menu plan for this week.

So, that's where I am. I'm really, really excited about all this. I just want to fast forwarded a few weeks so I can start seeing the results. I have to be patient though and keep my focus.
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