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Weigh In and My Next Goal

I'm a few weeks behind with my stats ...

Weigh in Day - Sept. 28
Previous weight - 195.2
Current weight - 195.4
Difference - gained .2 lb.

Weigh in Day - Oct. 5
Previous weight - 195.4
Current weight - 195.6
Difference - gained .2 lb.

Weigh in Day - Oct. 12
Previous weight - 195.6
Current weight - 196.6
Difference - gained 1 lb.

Total weight lost - 48.4 pounds

I think it's important for me to blog about how significant last week was for me. Those that don't know me that well might not get the significance of going on this business trip last week and feeling good about myself, but that is so different than where I was just a few years ago.

First of all, if I hadn't dropped 50 pounds I probably wouldn't have even been on the business trip in the first place. I just didn't have the confidence I have now and I wouldn't have pursued my goal to be involved with this program.

I was worried about setting a goal back in July to get down to 190. Although I had great success with a timeline goal back in 2010, I had tried that approach a few times since and failed miserably. I didn't quite make it to that 190 goal but I did lose a total of 9 pounds in 10 weeks. And you know what that number goal didn't mean anything anyway because the whole point was I wanted to feel good about myself on this trip and not how I was feeling back in July. In July my clothes were starting to get tighter, I was tired all the time, I wasn't putting in enough effort. Ten weeks of work and I did what I set out to do.

I wore the dress. I danced in the dress. I felt great in the dress.


And I found a business suit that I was proud to wear.

And I wore high heels because I wasn't too heavy anymore.

Just thinking about the alternative makes me a little sad. If I close my eyes and imagine what this trip would have been like at 245 pounds. I just wouldn't have enjoyed myself. I would have been so self conscience. I would have been hiding in my clothing, ashamed. I wouldn't have danced - I would have sat behind a table and had quiet conversations with those nice enough to come and talk to me.

And for my traditional side by side photo. This photo on the left was one taken for work in 2007. Whenever I look at old photos I always feel like I look younger and more put together now than I did back then.

2007 vs. 2012

So now on to my next goal. 11 pounds in 11 weeks. By Dec. 28 I want to be at 185.6 pounds. It will be tough. It's a tough time of year for anyone. It's starting now for us. Our weekends are booked with one social gathering after another which are my weak area for over-eating. I can do it though. I really want to get out of the 190s. Losing 11 pounds at the weight I am now will be a significant difference. I forget that sometimes. As we lose more weight it's more and more noticeable - even just five pounds will show a big difference.

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