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Weigh In

Weigh in Day - Sept. 21
Previous weight - 197.2
Current weight - 195.2
Difference - lost 2 lbs.

Total weight lost - 49.8 pounds

You guys I got off and on the scale at least ten time this morning. I even changed the batteries. I was so surprised to see a two pound loss.

I realize now I've been going through the "I don't really believe I can lose weight phase."

I been there before and it's a horrible place to be. It's where I started 50 pounds ago.

All those years of new years resolutions. All those nights laying in bed praying that the motivation I was feeling in that second would be there in the morning. All those times of starting with hope full in my heart but never seeing any results and then giving up.

I know there was nothing wrong with the last month of half pound losses per week but I felt like I deserved more. I needed more to keep my motivation going. I was working so much harder than I had been a month before and it's so hard to keep going when you don't see any results.

I needed this two pound loss this week. I've been trying on clothes for an upcoming business trip and it's been discouraging.

But then days like yesterday happened. In my post yesterday I talked about the rough week I was having. I actually took a personal day today just so I could relax. I posted the photo of myself from yesterday on my Facebook page. The overwhelming response I received from my family and friends was a much needed boost to my confidence.

I must never forget how far I've come. Right now as I try on size 16 business suit skirts that just don't look as good on me as I wish they did, I have to remember that a few years ago I would have been trying on a size 24W.

The fact is now I'm trying on dresses that I think are so pretty and picking between two or three choices. A few years ago. I just grabbed whatever dress was in my size and picked the one that didn't make me want to cry when I tried it on.

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