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Cravings and How to Stop Them

I already posted today, but I need to get this out and reach out to you all for suggestions.

I'm am STRUGGLING with cravings right after I eat lunch. Here's the deal ...

For the past couple of months I've gotten into the bad habit of eating chocolate after lunch. At first it was a couple of times a week I would eat a couple of Hersey Kisses. Then it progressed to 5 or 6 kisses and then I was doing it everyday. I would finish eating my lunch and immediately start reaching for chocolate.

That was a big reason I gave up chocolate for Lent. And I've had no problem not eating chocolate the last two weeks, but the cravings are still there - big time. First I switched to eating a carmel to satisfy the craving and then I was honest with myself and admitted that was just stupid. Luckily last week I was so busy at work that I was able to distract myself with my to do list. This weekend I went and bought a pack of gum to chew after lunch and that has been helpful but the cravings are still there.

For example, it's been an hour since I've eaten lunch. I've chewed a piece of gum, my stomach is full, but if there was a piece of candy on my desk right now it would be a fight for me to resist it.

I know it's mental. I'm breaking myself of a bad habit that has gotten way out of control. And I think I already have the answer to it written above. I need to distract myself until the habit is broken. I need to commit to not giving into the cravings and recognize them for what they are.

If you have any other suggestions/explanations I'd love to hear them.
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