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Lovely weekend

We had a nice, relaxing, fun weekend. Friday we had karate and then went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. I had looked over their menu before hand so I had already decided on the 18 piece peel and eat shrimp which was only 6 points. So very awesome! Jacob wanted to get the snow crab kids meal. Since none of us had ever eaten crab before we had to have the server give Jacob a lesson. It was really cute.

Saturday we had simultaneous basketball games at 9 a.m. Then I headed over to my church for a MOMS club brunch. We all met at home for a quiet afternoon. Later, we spontaneously decided to join some friends to see our high school alma mater play in the basketball sectionals. (We love our high school basketball in Indiana.) We got all retro on our outfits. Jim wore his baseball jacket from Freshman year and I wore a t-shirt I stole from Jim when we were dating.

Here's a photo of Jim wearing the shirt I'm wearing back in 1993 ...

We met an awesome pizza place and had a lot of fun chatting while the five kids entertained themselves at the other end of the table. The game was a nail biter and unfortunately, we lost by two points.

Sunday was our normal day of Jim taking the kids swimming and me taking them to the library, followed by church.

I just love weekends like that. Besides the extra serving of Margarita pizza that I had on Saturday night, my eating was spot on. I'll make up for that at Zumba tonight - I'm ready for a butt kicking.

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