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Pinterest Obsession

I mentioned Pinterest the other day and said if you hadn't heard of it you'd be using it in six months. This coming from the girl who joined Facebook in March 2008* at the age of 32 while my friends and family were all laughing at me for being on it. Who's laughing now!

So I first found out about Pinterest after reading about it on Cassie's blog Back to Her Roots at the end of May. I checked out the web page, couldn't find out how to get my own account and then left the web site without much thought. I went back to her blog post later to comment on another web page Cassie recommended (Teudeux) that I wanted to thank her for recommending and that's where I read the comments from her readers about being addicted to Pinterest and I felt like I was missing out on something. So I went back to the web page and clicked on the Request an Invite button.

 I entered my e-mail and clicked the Request Invitation button.

Well, I never heard anything from them and I forgot about it again until Cassie blogged about the web site again and again and again. That's when I went digging around my spam filter and found my invite.

I haven't been the same since.

Actually, that's not entirely true. It did take me awhile to get comfortable with their site layout and concept. I also didn't realize the potential benefits right away so it was a fondness that grew into a love affair. Here, let me explain to you why I'm on the Pinterest bandwagon.

Let's start with the boards. Once you join Pinterest you want to add the Pin It button to your toolbar by following these instructions. Then you're ready to get started creating boards. Here are a few of my favorite boards.

This is just part of my Kitchen Board

Our next home renovation will be our kitchen and installing hardwood floors. At first I thought I wanted light wood, but once I started pinning light and dark wood floors to my kitchen board I realized I really, really like dark wood floors with wide panels.

Here's My Style Board.

I talked about this board in my post on Wednesday.

Next is my Recipe Board that I pin recipes that I find on my favorite blogs.

Here's one for Halloween Costume Ideas.

And here's one I named "Wish List" that I can send to my friends and family during the holidays so they know the perfect gift to buy me ;)

I currently have 24 boards and I can add, delete and rearrange them. I can move pins between boards.

What's a pin you ask? Well each of the photos on my board is a "Pin." I can pin something by clicking on the Pin It button I installed to my tool bar.

When you are on a web site and you see something you want to pin, you click on that button, choose which photo from that web page that you want to pin, decide which board you want to add it to and click save. It's as easy as that. You can also write a detailed description, add the price (which shows up on the pin), tag a friend that might want to "repin" the pin, and on and on.

One of the great things about pinning is that you can reference the original web site. For example, when I want to go back and buy that green t-shirt above with a dog riding a bicycle I just click on my pin and it takes me to the web site that I originally found it, in this case an Etsy shop.

Now the Pinterest feature that gets me in trouble is this one:

If you click on that link it will take you to a page of all members pins and you can just scroll down for days and days and "repin" all these amazing ideas that other Pinterest members are pinning. That's where I find most of my pins.

Ok, I'm realizing I could continue to go on and on about Pinterest because I've just scratched the surface, but I'm not getting paid for this walking advertisement so I figure my job is done. If you have questions ask me in the comments or if you want me to send you an invite to join (which is faster than requesting an invite directly from Pinterest) send me your e-mail.

*Wanna know how I figured out when I joined Facebook? I remembered who my first Facebook friend was so I went to his page, clicked on "See Friendship" link on the right and then at the top of that page it told me that we had been "Facebook friends since March 2008."
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