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This Was Fun

I've always been a bit of a fashion misfit. I'm so thankful that I was in college during the grunge period because flannel shirts were so non-threatening and comfortable. Once I gained weight I just wore what fit. But now that I'm down 50 pounds I want to look nice.

So in most cases when I go shopping I buy what's on the rack and match it with a pair of black shoes. I just don't have that natural fashion gene.

Enter Pinterest. If you haven't heard of Pinterest I bet you will be using it within the next six months. It's a-ma-zing. Seriously. (future post coming soon). Some of the pins I've been repinning lately are outfits that people put together using the web site Polyvore.

So yesterday I had the brilliant idea of printing off a couple of my favorite outfit pins, heading to the nearest Goodwill and trying to replicate the outfit.

It was so fun.

Here's the first outfit I tried to recreate.

And here's what I came up with.

I know what some of you are saying, "it's just a white shirt and a gray sweater." But what I liked about this is that I walked in Goodwill, spent 10 seconds looking at the gray sweaters, 10 seconds looking at the white tank tops, and 30 seconds looking at the jeans and I was ready to head to the dressing room. Normally when I go to Goodwill I spend sooo much time looking at all the racks just trying to find things in my size to try on. This was much more fun.

Plus, shopping at Goodwill is a good way to try on brands and sizes that I haven't tried before. Here's the breakdown of this outfit.

Sweater - Joseph A. Size M
Ribbed tank - Mossimo Size Large
Jeans - Merona Size 18

 I also wanted to try and recreate this cute outfit I saw on the blog Sunday Crossbow.
I've seen a lot of belts lately and I really want to try them out on dresses and skirts. Unfortunately the Goodwill I was at didn't have many belts and I only found one wide one which was way too small and not very stylish, but I tried it anyway. I didn't find any pieces that came close to the shirt or skirt, so I just tried my best.

So obviously some things looked better on than others, but it was fun and it gave me an idea of sizing for some of these labels that I've never tried on before.

I ended up buying the Merona jeans and white ribbed tank for $9. I think I can find a gray sweater that I'll like better so I put this one back since it was $5.

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