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Weigh In and Happy Birthday to Me

Weigh In Day - June 17
Previous weight - 188.6
Current weight - 188.8
Difference - gain .2 pounds

Total weight lost - 56.2 pounds

Monday - 2 mile walk

Total lack of activity resulted in slight gain. I ate really well all week, just didn't get enough exercise in to show a loss. I did really enjoy my time with the kids this week though. But, I'm ready to exercise - I've missed it this week and I've been so tired as a result.

Yesterday was my 36th birthday :) The dress above was a present from my parents. You may recognize it as one of the dresses on my list of ones I wanted to buy last week. It's size large. And people, it's so short. I haven't worn an above the knee dress since my Catholic school uniform in grade school. I'm trying to wear it with as much confidence as I can. Baby steps.
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