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Green B.E.A.N. Delivery and My First Shake

I've had my eye on Green B.E.A.N. Delivery, but like most things, the cost has kept me away.

Enter GROUPON. Hurray for GROUPON!!!

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery: "Networked with the best local farmers and artisans, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery is proud to provide home delivery of organic produce & natural groceries to the Indianapolis area."

My co-worker Ali (hi Ali!) told me about this home delivery service which she uses and I spent some time checking out their web page. Once I saw that there was a groupon for $35 worth of products for only $15 I knew it was my chance to try them out.

I chose the fruit bin since that's the our produce of choice at home. The regular price for the fruit bin is $42. I was afraid to have the fruit sit out at my house all day while we were at work so I had it delivered to my office instead.

I was so excited when I got the call yesterday afternoon that the delivery guy was there. I took him into the kitchen so he could drop off the huge green bin. I thought he was going to unload it there and take the bin with him, but I quickly discovered that the bin stays with me and they pick it up the next time they deliver.

I took these photos when I got home.

After I said bye to the delivery guy, I opened the lid to see what goodies I got. I saw that inside the bin was a Styrofoam cooler and inside that was a big ice pack. So that solves my problem of having it delivered at home - it will stay cool until I get home from work.

Here's what was inside.

I figure that the price is pretty fair when you factor in delivery charges and the price for organic and/or local produce. A huge benefit for me is the time savings. Any parent of small children knows how valuable their time is and how disastrous taking hungry, tired, cranky kids mom to the store can be.

I had a banana right when I got the bin and it was the best tasting banana I've ever had - not sure why - might have been because it was chilled. So far I've had and apple and strawberries. Both were pretty good.

The loot

So, Jim and I need to figure out if this is something we want to continue with. It will depend on the quality of the produce and I do want to get an accurate cost comparison at my local Kroger to see what the price difference is. I'll keep you posted. 

So the challenge started today.  I'll have a Day 1 recap either tonight or more likely tomorrow. It's been smooth sailing so far. I had my first shake this morning.

My shakes came in the mail yesterday.
I decided to try out the Chocolate Banana Nutter recipe which consisted of the chocolate shakeology, ice, 1 Tbsp. natural peanut butter, 1 banana and 1 cup of water.

I was secretly hoping that the shakes would taste like something straight from the Dairy Queen drive-thru, but I should of known better. 

It wasn't bad. As I was drinking it on the way to work I was trying to think of how I would describe it here on my blog. The words that kept coming to mind were "strong," "rich" and "aftertaste." It tasted like it was a shake full of good things for you that was trying to cover the taste of those good things with a strong chocolate flavor - which makes sense. I was happy it wasn't gritty or chunky. It definitely has to be cold. The banana and peanut butter combo was ok, but I think I'll like some of the other recipes better. I'll keep trying.

The good news is that it filled me up and kept me full from 7 a.m. until I had a snack at 10 a.m. Which I can't say the same about the fruit smoothies I've been making recently. I would mix a strawberry, banana, water smoothie to drink on my way to work and would be ravenous by 9 a.m. and would have to have a snack early.

So there you have it. Not a bad start. Check back later for all the Day 1 details.

Last night my niece Mary (Jim's sister's daughter) graduated from 8th grade. It was a wonderful evening of watching her go up time-after-time to receive awards and scholarships for all her hard work. She was top of her class and gave the closing speech. I remember the day she was born and look forward to watching her accomplish all the goals she makes for herself in the future.
Me and Mary at the graduation reception

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