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A Fun Challenge You Can Do

You all remember my friend Liz right? She's my favorite! Well, for those that don't know read this and this. Liz and I are really close, but only see each other once a year at a conference. We are both super excited to see each other next month and after Liz heard about the challenge I'm doing she wanted in on the fun. We talked it over and decided to do a 50 Days Until Miami Challenge.

Exercise, tracking, water and weekend eating are the areas both of us need some butt-kicking in so we decided to send each other a photo of ourselves pre/post workout and let me tell you, it's only been a couple of days but I love getting those texts with her photo in them. It's motivating and exciting and fun. And it makes me feel closer to her. (Kim, I'd love to do this with you too if you're interested) We're also telling each other how many WW points/calories we're eating every day and she's telling me how many calories she's burned. (I want a heart rate monitor!). It only takes a few seconds to do each day but it's great accountability and did I mention it's fun? Here are a couple of our photos so far.

P.S. - I totally posted this without asking Liz first, but I'm sure she'll be cool with it :)
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