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I'm Back! I Missed You Guys.

Hi everyone! I was in Pasadena from Tuesday until Friday and wasn't able to post like I was hoping to. I'm glad to be home and ready to get back to posting to my blog.

If you read my Help Needed - Staying Strong on Business Trips post you'll know that I was worried about staying on my plan while on this trip.Well, I won some and lost some. 

I planned to work out two days while I was there and only did one day. I hadn't thought about the fact that I would have to shower and get ready all over again after working out in the evenings and only had time to do that one night. The rest of the week I chose staying out late with friends over getting up early and exercising. I still had three days of exercise last week so that's pretty good.

Me and my favorite Liz hanging out at City Walk on Tuesday night. I chose nights like this over yoga at 6 a.m..

I did really well with breakfast and lunches. I brought my own breakfasts and did a good job with the plated lunches that I had been worried about. 

I brought my McAlister's tumbler and got lots and lots of water in during the day and I had almonds and granola bars in my bag to snack on during the sessions. 

It was dinner that got me in trouble. I was so hungry by dinner time that I didn't pick the healthiest choices. I had a cheeseburger and fries my first night in (hangs head in shame), Wednesday's dinner was a pasta dish with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes with a cream sauce and it was good, but way to rich. Thursday's dinner was chicken marsala. 

Overall I felt ok with how I did. Not as good as I had planned, but I didn't give up after making a few poor choices.

I got on the scale yesterday morning and quickly got off after I saw the high number. I was hoping it was a result of water retention from air travel the previous day. I got on today and I was down 1/2 a pound for the week. I'm relieved and ready to kill it this week!

What's Coming Up This Week

While I wasn't able to post last week, I did start a few draft posts that I hope to polish up and post this week. They include my experience selling my "big clothes" to a consignment shop, drinking water and being afraid of change. Have a great week everyone!
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