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Oh Crap, I'm Considering the C25K Program Again

I've said it before: I'd Never Be a Runner. Then why is it I've been fascinated with reading about runners lately. I've always followed blogs that are written by wellness folks that are runners but it seems that I'm seeing more and more of it lately and it's inspiring, but also confirms for me that I'm NOT a runner.

Like many people I started following Ben Does Life after viewing his awesome video. Recently Ben linked to fellow blogger, Elizabeth, of One-Twenty-Five and her post titled So, you wanna be a runner? and through Ben I also found JonathanDoesLife and one of his old blog posts Couch to 5K. And then some....

I'm also a huge fan of blogger *B!tch Cakes* and have been fascinated by her recent discovery that she's a runner (Part One and Part Two and her Jingle Bell Jog) and also that one of the things that has motivated her to become a runner is the latest album by Girl Talk.


The thing that has inspired me the most in the last couple of weeks has been this photo.

This is a photo my big brother, Erick, posted on his Facebook page on Saturday morning. He ran for nearly four hours. FOUR HOURS. How in the holy heck do you run for four hours straight? To say my brother is an inspiration to me is an understatement. I've written about him before about how his weight loss journey inspired me to start my own.

My brother IS a runner. He always has been. I remember in high school he would just randomly go out "for a run" and be back an hour later. I didn't get it then and I still really don't now. But I'm really curious.

Check out my brother!

Just a reminder - this is my brother in 2006

Erick, I hope you don't mind me posting these photos!
Isn't that awesome! That makes me want to go out and run. But I'm scared. I mentioned I read a lot of runner's blogs and a common theme I've read is how much hard work it is to run, how hard it is on their body and how much they hate it ... until they're done with their run and then they can't wait for their next one. I read these marathon recaps and about how these poor people would cry through the whole race, be so worried that all the hours and hours of training they put in would result in them not finishing the race (or getting kicked out for being too slow - what's up with that!) and I'm just like WHY? Why do you people do this?

So I put this as my Facebook status yesterday:
"If someone can show me how to get music on my Droid X and how to get the new Girl Talk album on said Droid X, I 'might' consider trying the C25K program again."

For some reason the idea of running to this Girl Talk album has me really motivated. Problem is I don't own an iPod and all my friends that know how to get music on my phone live in Colorado now (thanks Chris) but I'm sure I can figure out a way to get past that technical difficulty.

I'm also worried about the time it would take to train for a 5k. And why do I want to switch things up now, when Zumba is working for me? I don't know. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I want to write my own "I ran my first 5k race and now I'm a runner" blog post. I want to talk about how awful it was and how I can't wait to do it again.

I did try the C25K program once before. My sister-in-law Kim (my brother's wife) told me about it and I gave it a shot. That was about 25 pounds ago and I didn't last more than three days. It was so awful and I was enjoying Zumba so much it didn't make sense to me to do something that I was hating. But I'm considering if I'm up to the challenge now and I wonder if having dropped more weight would make it easier. I've done the elliptical several times since then and have gotten better at that but I'm not even sure if that machine is comparable to running. I don't know. I'm just putting it all out there. 

I know my mom is interested in giving the program a go. I wish her the best of luck with it. I hope she does better than I did when I tried it before.

So, what do you guys think? I'm really torn. I guess it can't hurt anything to try. Or can it?
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