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Weigh In - And My New Goal

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 198.8
Current weight - 196.2
Difference - lost 2.6 pound

Total weight lost - 48.8


I was surprised by that number this week. It certainly wasn't that number yesterday. And if you've read my blog this week you know I've been all over the place with eating. But I never gave up and let me tell you, after last night's Zumba class I was sitting in my car still dripping with sweat - it was awesome. I'm taking that 2.6 pound loss and owning it. My head is in a pretty good place right now and I'm ready to give it 100%.

I'm still thinking about what I want my goal to be. I haven't come up with anything new or exciting, so for now I'm going to do what worked for me last time.

If you remember back at the end of July I created a chart that tracked the weight I needed to lose each week to get to under 200 pounds by my wedding anniversary. Here it is:

So my new goal has an end date of 12/31/10. Now you might thing I picked that date because it's the last weigh-in of the year, but that's not why. Way back in the beginning of my blog I talked a little about how and why I got started on my journey. The first week in January I will be completing my training that I have been going to the past three years. This is where my journey started. I came home the first year and said I wanted to be skinny the next year when I went back. Then the next year when I went back I was heavier - that's when I talked to Liz and discovered she had lost 65 pounds on Weight Watchers and that was the inspiration I needed to get started.

Me and Liz the second year of my training. This was me at my heaviest of 245 and right before I got started on my journey.

Last year, my third year, I went back to my training almost 30 pounds lighter. This year I want that number to be a total of 56 pounds lighter than my first year.  To accomplish that I need to lose ten pounds before the end of the year (including today's weigh-in BONUS). That would put me at 188.8. (All weeks except this week have me losing 1.2 pounds a week. I made this week a goal of 1.4 so I could get that nice round number of 10 pounds) Here's my new Goal Chart.

I know this will be a challenge for me. I really struggled with my eating over Halloween. I think I can manage the eating part at upcoming parties, but I worry about the time-management issues I know I will be faced with. Like for everyone, there just won't be enough time to get everything done and that's when I start to struggle - struggle to make it to the gym, struggle to make healthy eating choices. That's where my focus will have to be. Oh, and news on the street is Weight Watchers will be changing their plan at the beginning of December so there's the whole issues of dealing with change that I'll be faced with - but I'm preparing myself now so I'll be ready to embrace the changes.

So I'm feeling good. I do know one change I'm going to be making is not blowing all my weekly points over the weekend - it's just makes the rest of the week too stressful for me. I also need to drink more water and make sure we have plenty of healthy food at home. These are all pretty easy things that I can do to help me with my goals.
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