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I Need A Goal

I'm starting to slip and I need to do something about it right away. First of all I have to get what's left of the Halloween candy out of the house. Both Jim and I have been struggling with it. We need to at least get rid of the stuff that is our weakness and buy it back from the kids. I actually got into the Hersey Kisses at work today. I haven't done that in over a year. I feel my guard slipping and I need to do whatever it takes to build it back up. Chocolate is such a weakness for me and right now I'm not strong enough to even have it in moderation.

I need to re-evaluate how I use my WW flex points. I blew them all this weekend and then some and now I'll have to be very careful about what I eat the rest of the week to see a loss. In the past I've been ok with this plan, but I'm not feeling it right now, especially with my daily points having gone down recently.

One of the benefits of eating well and exercising for me has been I haven't been sick the last couple of years. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and still am not today which means I won't be going to Zumba tonight which makes me sad and worried about the exercise points I needed to get this week. No one likes being sick, but it's really hard for me - I get depressed. I told Jim this today and asked him to snuggle with me tonight and watch a movie with me which he happily agreed to - I think that will help.

I've read a couple of wellness blogs posts recently about people who have either reached goal or almost reached goal only to gain some or all of their weight back. I think this is such an important topic. I really need to educate myself more about it. I did experience it a little bit after reaching my under 200 pound goal. At first I found myself "rewarding myself" for reaching my goal by not being so strict. Then I experienced a feeling of "now what." And finally, I'm starting to see how much I can get away with before I gain weight back. All very dangerous situations.

So, I think I need another goal. A short term goal. Jim and I were talking about the holidays today. I was saying of the three holidays around this time a year, Halloween is the worst for me because of the lingering candy. Christmas is just a hard time of year because we're so busy it's harder to make the time to exercise. So - I'm going to give this some thought. Obviously I don't want to gain over the holidays (like I did last year), but I personally don't want to maintain either. I'd like to push myself and see a decent loss over the next few months. What do you guys think?
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