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"Have You Lost Weight?"

Now that I'm done feeling sorry for myself (see yesterday's post) I wanted to share a little dieting success story from this past weekend.

Last weekend was very busy and on Friday I was trying to figure out a way to get all of our preparations and obligations done. I picked up my kids, plus my nephew who had been staying with us all week, at day camp and headed home where Jim met us. Jim started packing our nephew's bag who was being picked up in an hour, while I got Gracie dressed for ballet and tried to gather her hair into a ponytail (after she had been swimming that day - always a fun chore.) Jim and I went back and forth about a dozen times deciding who should take Gracie to ballet and who should go to the store. We decide Jim would take her and I would wait for my sister-in-law to pick up her son and then Jacob and I would head to the store. Phew. I'm tired, just thinking about this.

So our plans went smoothly and Jacob and I headed to Kroger to get ingredients for the two batches of homemade salsa I was going to make for the two parties we were going to on Saturday. We were having a grand time (no really, Jacob was reading every sign he saw in the store and for some reason we both thought this was hilarious and were giggling the whole time) and when I headed down the chip isle I saw one of Jacob's classmate's mom.

I know her from volunteering at Market Day but I probably haven't seen her in six months. We were chatting and catching up while Jacob was checking out her Fruity Pebbles box in her cart. After a pause in the conversation she looked at me and said "You look good. Have you lost weight?"


I am one of those people that eats this up. I know it makes other people uncomfortable when people ask them this question, but I on the other hand, am in heaven.

I grinned the biggest smile ever and said: "Thank you so much. Yes, I have lost weight." Then I told her that I've been doing Zumba. She said she has been doing Zumba too. Shut the front door! We figured out that we both do Zumba at the YMCA, but haven't noticed each other. (That's how crowded the classes are!)

I left the grocery store floating in the air and even texted Jim at ballet to tell him what she said.

On Saturday I was scanning the back of the classroom at Zumba between songs and I saw my friend from the store. I ran back there to say hi to her and we even gave each other a sweaty hug.

How do you react when people notice your weight loss?

Zumba Corner
I felt much better at Zumba last night. I was back. I love Trish's Monday class. It's a great way to start the work week and it's at 6 p.m. so I have a little extra time when I get home to relax with the family.


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