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Kroger Clicklist Review


A few months ago I started to see my Facebook feed fill up with busy moms talking about how their life had been changed. Maybe you’ve heard of a little thing called Kroger ClickList?

Yep, I jumped on the bandwagon and tried it. And they are right. It is a game changer!

ClickList is Kroger’s online shopping service. I so wish this had been available when my kids were little. Even still, it’s super convenient for a busy mom like me.

Here’s how it works:

Create an account and log in to Kroger ClickList. Look for the closest store that offers this service. It’s still pretty new, so stores are limited. My Kroger doesn’t offer it yet so I drive a few miles south to the Kroger that does. 

“My Recent Purchases” is a great place to look around and start to understand how the site works. If you use a Kroger Plus shopping card it will pull up your recent purchases. This is great for quickly adding your groceries that you pick up every week. 

Then you simple type the items on your grocery list in the search bar and check out your options. I love how you can quickly see the price of the items and also see what’s on sale. 

My coworkers and I were raving about ClickList at work one day and my friend had some great tips for me. She said she uses the comment field to be very specific on what she wants – especially produce.

I took her advice on my last order and made lots of notes such as:

“Brand substitution is fine.”
“Around 3 lbs. It can be over or under up to .5 lb and multiple packages.”
“Green shower poof please. If you don’t have, please remove from order.”

The only thing out of stock on my second order was a green shower pouf.
After you have completed your shopping you select your pickup time (one hour windows) and click submit. You don’t pay until you pick up your order.

Kroger sends you an email confirmation and a reminder before you order is ready. You have until midnight to make additions to your order. 

Ok, so what happens when you go to pick up your groceries?

First, you find the signs that indicate where you’ll be picking up your groceries. You park and then call the number on the sign. The Kroger employee will ask your name and if you have any coupons. They ask which space you are parked in and say they will be out as soon as they can.

I’ve used ClickList twice and it did take about 10 minutes both times for them to come out with my groceries. But I will gladly wait in my warm car rather than spending an hour in the store which I really dislike doing.

Next the Kroger employee brings out your groceries on a cart. They are super friendly. Joy was the one who helped me the first time I tried out ClickList. I asked if they were going to offer ClickList at more stores soon. She said she thinks they will have to because it’s so popular. She said the day before they fulfilled 101 ClickList orders!

Gracie was my super sneaky photographer. This is Joy showing me my receipt.
Joy went over my receipt and showed me the items that were out of stock. Gala apples were on that list but she found them and put them with my order. When that happens they are free ;) The other item that was out of stock was the Flat Iron Steak but I think it was because I wasn’t specific about how much I wanted.

They also gave me $10 off $50 order! I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t complaining.

Joy typed my credit card number into the tablet, had me sign and then loaded the bags into my van. I checked the FAQs online beforehand and saw that the employees are not allowed to accept tips. 

Joy loading my groceries into my van.
How much does it cost? It’s just $4.95 per order. The fee is currently being waived for your first three orders so you can try out this new service at no extra cost. But I will gladly play 5 bucks for the convenience of this service!

Have you tried Kroger Clicklist? What do you think?

(I wasn't paid for this review. I just thought it would be helpful for my readers.)
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