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Always Keep Fighting


Can you give me the quick pep talk about not getting hung up on numbers the third week of a program. I'm really frustrated with the lack of progress for the amount of effort I'm putting in. My clothes don't feel any different and I'm only down a few pounds :(

This was a message I sent my coach and good friend on Dec. 21. I was a day away from completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme. The hardest program I had done to date. I was killing the workouts AND the nutrition and this was four days before Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!! While everyone else was face deep in cookies and pies, I was getting up at 5 a.m. to workout!

I was really frustrated.

You know, this just goes to show how human we all are. I KNOW that working out and eating clean will result in weight loss. And I knew that when I sent my message of frustration to her. But my head didn’t want to hear it. I wanted results and I wanted them now!

But it almost never works that way does it?

My friend and I talked it out and I felt so much better.

You're THIS close,” she exclaimed in her message back to me. “Hang on and don't give up! You're a strong woman and I KNOW you're going to have a break through!”

And I knew she was right. I knew every single little choice I made would make a difference down the road.

So I kept fighting. 

I knew it would be tough the first week of January. While most people are kicking of their New Year’s Resolutions, I spend that week with good friends in Tucson ie: yummy Mexican food, margaritas and no access to cooking my own food.

But I kept fighting.  

I worked out almost every day during that trip. I ate pretty clean with a few indulgences (which I am totally fine with). I was so looking forward to getting home and really putting my nose to the grindstone with my program.

And then I got sick.

I was so TICKED!!! Seriously, I wanted so badly just to say the heck with it and be done with it all.

But I kept fighting.

I made myself rest as much as I could. I kept visualizing the day that I would be able to get up at 5 a.m. again to do my workout. I knew I would keep fighting. It’s the Irish blood in me (hi Mom!). We are stubborn and we are fighters!!!

And so that leads me to this week. Monday and Tuesday I got up at 5 a.m. and it was tough. I was tired and sore from lying in bed the entire week before. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much but I wanted to have the accomplishment of having pushed play.

So I did the active recovery T25 Stretch workout those two days. It felt awesome. I had that post-workout high and I was so happy to be back. I knew the amount of calories I burned wasn’t much but the amount of pride and happiness I felt was through the roof.

This morning I was able to make it through T25 Total Body Cardio. Modified, of course, but still – something is better than pushing the snooze for an hour, running late and having a crappy start to your day.

So my point is don’t ever give up. It takes a while for the work you’re doing right now to show up. I guarantee you the reason I’ve lost 4 lbs. the past two weeks (Tucson and the flu) was because of the work I was doing mid-December. And I probably won’t see much progress in a couple of weeks because of the two weeks I’ve just had.

But you can’t get hung up on that. You have to keep pushing through and stay strong.

I didn’t gain weight overnight and I’m not going to lose it overnight either.

As always, if you’re interested in having me as an accountability partner please reach out by completing this form. My next accountability group begins Monday, February 1.

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