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Crockpot Cooking with Friends

I was on a business trip a few weeks ago and my friend Stacey was also there. One night after dinner we were walking around and talking about our mutual dislike of grocery shopping and cooking.

I think this is probably a pretty common dislike of the people following this blog. We are all so busy. It's hard to sit down and research healthy recipes, meal plan, write up a grocery list, go to the grocery store, shop, load all the bags in the car, drive home, unload and food prep. I'm exhausted just writing all that.

It's much easier to just procrastinate the whole process. To blow off grocery shopping until late Sunday night and then decide there's no time for the recipes and grocery list and just grab the same old groceries that you put in your cart week after week.


So, Stacey and I were talking about all this and she came up with the brilliant idea to get together on the weekend, shop together and make a couple of crockpot meals that we can freeze and use during the week. We were both really excited about it and decided right there that we would meet up on Sunday and do this - no excuses.

Stacey found a few recipes for me to look at and we decided on two. The web site she found them on already had the shopping list so we didn't have to do any extra work.

I drove to her house Sunday afternoon and we headed to Super Target to get our ingredients. You all know this, I'm sure, but it's so much faster to do your shopping when you have a list.

We headed back to her house and started filling our freezer bags with the ingredients. Once I put my last ingredient in the bag I glanced at my phone and saw it had just been over an hour since I had gotten to her house. I was floored how quickly we accomplished grocery shopping and prepping for two dinners.

Obviously one of the big selling points to all this was I was doing this shopping and meal prep with a friend. It was fun! By the time I remembered I should be taking photos for this blog post we were almost done. I managed to snap a quick photo of Stacey while she was finishing up her last meal.

My awesome friend Stacey cutting up the cilantro.

So how were the recipes? Not great. Ha. Stacey made them before me and gave me some tips to make mine taste much better. But that doesn't even bother me. It was so excited that we took something that both of us know is good for us, but don't enjoy doing, and we managed to make it fun.

Stacey suggested adding some diced tomatoes because hers came out pretty dry. Jacob liked it!

I definitely will be doing this again and I'm confident we can end up with some great meals that our family will enjoy.
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