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I'm Still Here and Weigh In Recaps

So how many of you assumed the lack of blog posts meant a lack of eating healthy and trying to lose weight over the holidays? If that's what you thought, I'm happy to report that you were wrong. Although I've had some ups and downs the past five weeks I have managed to keep my head in the game and not eat all the food. I've lost 2 lbs. since my last posted weigh in on Nov. 24. Here are the stats for the past five weeks.

Nov. 24   209.2
Dec. 1     210.2
Dec. 8     209.2
Dec. 15   210.4
Dec. 22   207.6
Dec. 29   208
Dec. 31   207.2 (today)

Total pounds lost since Nov. 3 ... 8.2 lbs.

Here are some additional stats:
2009        245 lbs.     Highest Weight
2011        188.8 lbs.  Lowest Weight
11/3/14    215.4 lbs.  Highest Weight since 2011
12/31/14  207.2 lbs.  Lowest Weight for 2014

I'm on my third 21-day challenge. It has been a struggle with these challenge groups lately because it's such a hard time of year to be wanting to eat healthy and post your food logs and also find the time to actually participate in them. But I know for a fact I would not be at 207.2 today if it wasn't for them.

My second challenge ended on Dec. 15 (with a gain that week) and I was frustrated and thought I didn't need to start another challenge group and I could do it on my own. Boy was I wrong. I went five days before I begged my coach to let me back in the group because I had fallen completely off the wagon. I was eating anything I wanted - especially fast food and candy. After just a few days of clean eating I had my biggest loss since I started back up again with a nearly three pound loss. I did gain . 4 lbs this week which I will take for Christmas week. I'm already down nearly a pound since my weigh in on Monday.

I'm am really, really proud of myself. I've heard several people I'm close to talking recently about how they feel down because of the holiday weight they have put on. Most have been waiting until tomorrow to get back on it. I've done that in the past too. I've gained 5 to 10 pounds over November and December and put so much pressure on myself to turn things around Jan. 1 only to find that Jan. 1 wasn't a magic day that I would wake up with all the answers to lose weight.

I knew myself and knew that I couldn't wait until Jan. 1. Instead I made the decision to get my act together and I managed to make it through Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers and Christmas cookies and candy and lost 8.2 lbs. I have my head in the right place to continue to lose weight when the New Year begins tomorrow.

Most importantly for me I feel good about myself right now. Every year around this time I take my extra Christmas present money and buy new work clothes. I was so excited to try on clothes this week and be happy with how they look on me. I've spent too many times in tears in dressing rooms because nothing fits well.

One of the dresses I tried on Dec. 26.
So here's to a New Year! I'm excited to see what I can accomplish! Best of luck to all of you.

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