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You Look Perfect The Way You Are!

My conversation with Gracie yesterday on the way to dance class:

G: Mommy, I liked the music in your exercised DVD last night!
M: You could hear that in your room?
G: Yeah. Was it dancing?
M: No, it was stuff like jumping jacks and push ups. It was really hard.
G: Why did you do it if it was hard?
M: Because I wanted to.
G: But no one was making you do it.
M: No, but I wanted to do it.
G: But why did you do it if it was hard?
M: Oh, because I wanted to exercise.
G: You don't need to exercise. I think you look perfect the way you are!
M: Thank you honey. That is really nice. I just want to be healthier and exercise helps you be healthy, just like your dance classes do.
G: Okay

If you've read my blog at all you know these conversations with my kids are really important to me. We make every effort to make sure our kids have a healthy body image as well as knowing how important is to eat healthy and get enough exercise. I was pretty happy with how this conversation went. I'm glad that Gracie recognized that "I look perfect" the way I am but also knows that things like dance class are good for staying healthy,
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