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Weigh In and Happy Thanksgiving

Weigh in Day - November 24
Previous weight - 209.2
Current weight - 209.2
Difference - no change

Total weight lost - 35.8 pounds

A few days late but here are my results from last week. I had no change in my weight which was a bit disappointing but not surprising having come off the clean eating challenge which was significantly reduced calorie intake. I'm pretty happy that I maintained that loss.

So my 21 day challenge is over. I'm so so so happy I did it. I'm mentally in the place that I want to be which was most important to me. I lost 6.2 lbs. and 1 inch off my waist. More importantly I have established healthy habits and I'm feeling great!

As far as my goals go I did pretty well. I tracked my food every day which is key for me. The challenge helped me so much in that all the participants were asked to post their daily food logs. That accountability made making choices like whether to have a Blizzard or not pretty easy.

I did pretty well on the blogging goal as well. I missed one day in the middle of the challenge and then I missed the last weekend of blogging as well. Part of the challenge group was to answer the daily question posted by one of the coaches. Toward the end of the challenge I ended up using my answers to the daily questions as my blog post. That made reaching my blogging goal more achievable.

Exercising twice a week didn't go as well as I hoped. I only reached 50% of that goal. I was so focused on the food and mental portion of the challenge that exercise was the first thing that I skipped.

So what's next? I was in such a great place at the end of the challenge but I knew I had some huge challenges headed my way in the coming weeks including traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and Nutcracker performance week. I knew I would need extra help to stay on this path so I signed up for another 21 challenge group.

I'm telling you it's really difficult to stay on track when you're outside of your comfort zone. Eating on the road and while on vacation. I will write more about that in the coming days.

My goals for this 21 challenge are:
35 36 37 38