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Gaining Control Back

If you could relate to my post yesterday and are struggling to find that spark that will help you get started, I highly recommend you find someone you trust and know will support you and have a good heart-to-heart.

I spilled it all to Jim last week. I told him about the months of frustration and insecurity that I've been holding in. I talked to him about how I felt out of control and fearful that I couldn't do what it's going to take to lose this weight. 

He listened and was supportive. When it was his turn to talk he told me that he remembered me doing two things consistently when I was losing weight - exercising and blogging.

I knew this already but hearing it from someone else made it clear to me that it was key. The problem was I knew how much work it would be to recommit to those two things and I didn't want to do it. It's hard to find time for both of those activities. Writing a blog and promoting it to your family and friends is a scary thing. What will they think? Will anyone relate to what I'm writing about? The thought of going back to the gym is not something I'm looking forward to. I'm so out of shape that I know it will be a struggle. I will be frustrated knowing that I used to be able to breeze through classes and it's going to be difficult to make it through the warm up when I go back.

Right now I'm focused on committing to these two things. I know if I can stick with this I can do anything. It's a solution to feeling out of control and helpless. 

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