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Five Guys

I didn't have a meal planned for dinner tonight. By the time I thought about it I was already pretty hungry. I told Jim I wanted to go to Five Guys for dinner. I said I had 40 WW+ points left for the week and I knew I would be going on a "clean" diet starting on Monday so this would be my last meal of sorts. He said okay. Then I said "or is that a bad idea?" I knew as soon as I said that we weren't going to go to Five Guys. I knew it would mess up my momentum which is exactly what I need right now. I need to keep doing everything perfectly. He said we could go to Five Guys but if we stayed home and found something to eat I would probably feel pretty proud of myself tomorrow. So I had a PB&J sandwich and we played Rummikub and I do feel pretty proud of myself right now.
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