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First Workout

I had my first workout Wednesday night. My schedule has been crazy this week with ballet, PTO and study group in the evenings so it's been a challenge to find a class that fits around my schedule. Wednesday is study group and I got home from that a little after 6 p.m. I had already said I was going to go to Shallow Water Fitness at the Y at 7 p.m. so I quickly got changed and packed up my stuff and headed out the door before I could change my mind.

I wanted to do water aerobics because I knew it would be a safe first class - I would be able to do the class and not worry about running out of energy and feeling defeated.

I forgot how awkward it is to come into a class for the first time. To have the others look at you and realize you're there for the first time. To have the instructor ask if you've done water aerobics before and  answering "yes, but it's been a long time." I missed being a regular.

Although I did get a great workout and pushed myself hard, all I could think about was I wanted to be upstairs in the aerobics room. I miss it. I miss Zumba. The sad thing is there are only two traditional Zumba classes still being offered at my Y and they're both during Gracie's ballet classes.

I will be getting some workout DVDs in the mail soon and hopefully those will get me through mid-December once The Nutcracker and study group are over.
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