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Eating Clean

Today is the end of my Five Day Clean Eating Challenge. The official end weigh in will be tomorrow but as of this morning I have lost nearly 4 lbs. since Monday. My coach explained that this challenge was only meant for a short period of time and is not how I should continue to eat because it's lower in calories.

I have learned a lot from this individual challenge. It's a lot more work to eat clean because of having to cook and prep foods and not grab packaged snacks and food. I was never "hungry" but I was definately ready to eat when meal times came along, especially dinner. I was proud of myself for sticking with meal prep. As soon as I was done with my dinner I would prep my lunch for the next day. Last night after dinner I prepped lunch and dinner and even grilled up a piece of chicken for my lunch today. I would have never done that before.

Habits that I will take with me from this challenge are a few of the meals that I really enjoyed. Baked potatoes for lunch - 7 minutes in the microwave, one slice of turkey bacon, 1 slice low fat cheese and 1 Tbsp. sour cream. I ended up eating that lunch three times. I also will make pork chops again. I don't believe I've ever cooked pork chops before. They were inexpensive and easy to prepare. Plus my picky eater Gracie really liked them.

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