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Conference Chicken


Today was an odd day for me. I had a seminar that included lunch and I messaged my coach for advice because I didn’t want to mess up my momentum of staying on my meal plan by eating the catered lunch that I had no idea what was in it. Her advice was to eat the lunch I packed and just refrain from the catered lunch. That was my goal but I just felt too awkward so I did this instead:

I put a spoonful of salad dressing on one side of the salad plate and didn't eat from that side. I handed the bread basket on to the next person. Lunch was chicken, green beans in a dark sauce and two small red potatoes. I ate a few of the green beans that weren't in the sauce and one of the potatoes. So that I didn't feel uncomfortable not eating the chicken and rest of the veggies I just cut up half of the chicken and the second potato and pushed them around on my plate to look like I ate it. I left the carrot cake on the table untouched.

So if you're keeping score I ate salad without dressing, a few green beans and one red potato. And I ate my packed lunch when I got back to the office. As I'm presented with more of these situations I hope to get more comfortable with feeling awkward about turning down the meal.

What do you do when you don't want to eat from a catered meal?
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