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Cheat Meal

I realized when I woke up this morning that I forgot to blog yesterday. Life got in the way and I just plain forgot.

Yesterday was a new step for me. I had my first cheat meal since starting the challenge. The funny thing is I had decided to do this a few days ago and after I had my cheat meal, one of the challenge coaches posted how a cheat meal can benefit you. I wish I had read her post first though because I would have done things a bit differently.

I knew I would be done with the five day clean eating challenge on Friday and that Gracie and I would be going to the Butler dining hall for lunch on Saturday. We went there last weekend and I had a salad and my mouth was watering at all the food I turned my back on at the all you could eat dining hall. So I chose my cheat meal to be yesterday and looked forward to it for several days. I had french fries, a slice of pizza, a cookie, small piece of cake and a salad. It was delicious but I have to admit I felt a bit guilty eating it. I've still been tracking WW+ points and had plenty of extra points to cover the cheat meal, but it still felt a bit wrong.

Tomorrow begins my third and final week of the 21 day challenge. I'm so thrilled with how this experience has gone. I need to sit down and think about my goals going forward and get my plan together. I need to continue to build on my successes.

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