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No Guilt Zone

Back in July, during one of my failed attempts to get back on track, I was keeping a written food journal. Here's one entry I wrote:

"Last night when I got home I was starving. Without thinking at all I heated up the chili leftovers and ate them while I was making Jacob ravioli. I fully intended to eat the left over ravioli but Jacob ended up eating it all. Gracie ate a whole can of spaghettios. Guilt. I should have had them eat half of that and given them a veggie. I have to be better."

Oh I could write so many posts about guilt.

Last night was a win for me. One more nugget of confidence that I do in fact "have this!"

Dinner last night was a pizza pasta bake - think turkey pepporoni, ground turkey, whole week pasta, low sugar sauce, low fat mozzerella. The portion sizes where small so I paired it with a salad. The kids and I sat down at the table and they happily ate every bite. We had great conversation while we ate.

This is how it's supposed to be. Planned meals, proper portion sizes, great conversations and no guilt!
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