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Losing It

Checking in while I have a free moment. I lost a pound last week and half a pound this week. This week's challenges were a couple of evenings eating out. Specifically On the Border margaritas and Vito's garlic bread.

I actually went to Vito's (my favorite local restaurant) last week with my parents and I had a plan that time. I looked at their menu before and entered it in MFP before we even went to dinner. That's the way to do it.

So anyway, after weighing in this morning and seeing a small loss my first thought was - It's a new week. I want to eat all the food RIGHT NOW. I'll have a week to take it off.

That is some very bad thinking. So I went back to sleep (I love sleeping in) and woke up with a better attitude.

This next week is going to be a struggle. My goal is to not gain. That's all I want. 
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