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Quick update

I have another post drafted that I will finish and post tomorrow (accountability) on what changes happened after my last post. But I wanted to give a quick update (typing from my phone) on how I did with my weekend goals. Friday I set out what I meant to do. I did not eat ice cream at Cold Stone. It wasn't a big sacrifice for me that day because I was still feeling pretty glutinous from eating so many mini cookies the day before. 

Saturday wasn't as successful. I did great during the day in anticipation of the party I was going to that night. I had planned to eat before I went but ran out of time. I decided I would eat a sandwich or hotdog at the party. So at one point I snuck into the kitchen and scarfed down a BBQ sandwich and high tailed it out of the kitchen to avoid temptation. 

But late into the night/morning my better judgement was clouded. I found myself around the island if food with my friends and I turned my brain off and ate. Mostly fruits and veggies but the damage was done with cheese ball and ritz crackers.

This morning I went to enter my food in my journal and thought for a moment about putting my unplanned snacks in the Sunday entry because technically I ate them Sunday but then I decided that was just setting myself up for failure. So I plugged in the extra numbers into Saturdays entry. 

So I'm looking forward. Learning from my decisions and how I can improve on them in future situations. 
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