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Weigh In and "The Present"

Weigh in Day - May 17
Previous weight - 197.2
Current weight - 197.8
Difference - gain .6 lb.

Total weight lost - 47.2 pounds

I gained this week. I did it to myself. I let a few “cheats” creep in this week and the scale showed it. Then last night when presented with the thought of eating another salad, I made the suggestion to go out for pizza.

And so yeah, I gained this week.

I really don’t feel like writing about the “why” I went off plan this week. Instead I want to write about how I feel in this moment.

Right now I want to fight. Mentally I want to be back to where I was a few weeks ago, where straying from my plan wasn’t an option.

Well, that’s the great thing about “the present.” You don’t have to let the actions of your past get in the way of how you want to be now. Yes, I made some mistakes last week but that doesn’t mean that I’m a failure. As of right now, I’m succeeding.

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