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Weigh In and Dress Shopping

Weigh in Day - April 12 
Previous weight - 199.2
Current weight - 200
Difference - gain .8 lb.

Total weight lost - 45 pounds

Yes, I was disappointed with what the scale had to say this morning. It has been up all week and I kept waiting for it to go down. As I was getting ready for work this morning and thinking about my gain, I decided to not worry about it. I feel great and my clothes are looser. I'm confident the scale will catch up soon. I did everything right this week and I need to be proud of that.

So, what do I do when I have a disappointing weigh in? I go shopping to prove the scale wrong! I understand that this could have ended terribly if I had a bad experience in the dressing room, but thankfully it worked out in my favor.

Gracie's First Communion is next weekend and I wanted a new dress to go along with the five pounds I've lost recently. Surprising, of the dozen or so dresses I tried on there was only one I thought look ridiculous.

This is my favorite. The photo shows why. I look tiny (my perspective) in the photo. Granted, I pulled out all the photo tricks - stand sideways, cut off my arm, good lighting. But still, it shows off my best feature - my waist.

I couldn't decide between this dress and this next one. So I got both.

I felt really comfortable in this dress and I think it might be the one I end up wearing next weekend.

I really, really liked this next one, but it didn't photograph as well as the others (which I take to be a true view of what I actually look like) and I don't think I'd get as much wear out of it as the other two.
Which one is your favorite?
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