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My Husband's 26.2

Jim ran his first full marathon over the weekend. He's done a handful of half marathons and the past couple of years he's said he wanted to train to run a full. So for the last several months he has trained hard. On Saturday mornings while I was cuddled up with the dogs in bed, Jim was at the gym running on the treadmill (I don't know how he did those long runs on the treadmill - sounds awful to me).

The whole week leading up to the race I was torn because Gracie had a ballet practice on the other side of town at the same time Jim was going to be finishing his race. I really wanted to be there for him at the finish line of his first full marathon so I made arrangements for Jim's mom to take Gracie to the practice. Gracie was disappointed she wouldn't be able to cheer on her daddy, but I assured her he would be doing many more races.

The kids and I made signs the night before, and my friend Ali gave me some suggestions on where to cheer. On the morning of the race, Jim was long gone when the kids and I got up and ready for the day. We dropped off Gracie and Jacob and I headed for mile 10.

I asked him how he was doing and he said he was doing good, he was just cold. It was in the low 40s and the wind was pretty nasty in the shade.

We caught up with him again between mile 14 and 15. I think we gave him some fuel at this stop, but it all kinds of runs together.

Then I got lost trying to go to the next stop and didn't actually catch up to him until we past him on the street and found a quick parking spot at mile 18. This was a long stretch of road and after we got back in the car we waved to him as we drove past him. Then Jacob and I hit a Subway to grab a couple of sandwiches and we waved to Jim again after we were back on the road.

Mile 22 was our last stop. I let Jacob take some photos with my phone. I had forgotten about them until now.

self portrait - that's my ear in the background

This was actually a pretty good photo - nice job Jacob!

22 miles in - I think this photo says it all

I wanted to make sure Jacob and I made it to the finish line so we went straight there after mile 22. I wish we could have stopped again, because that's probably when runners need the most support.

I think Jacob had lost interest at this point.

It was pretty emotional watching these runners cross the finish line after 26.2 miles. I loved these two.

There was a running club that was waiting at the finish line as their members came in. Several of them would cross the line with huge smiles on their faces and their friends cheering so loudly for them. As soon as the volunteer would reach up to put their medal around their necks they would break down in sobs. It was so emotional even for me to watch these complete strangers reach their goals they had trained so hard for.

I started to recognize the faces of people coming in and new that Jim would be there soon. It's funny how you can tell who someone is far away by the way they run. As I saw Jim round the corner I started jumping up and down for him. I was so excited. I think he was probably just done at that point but I couldn't have been happier for him.

Here he comes!!!

Good job honey!!! I'm so proud of you.
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