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How not to turn into Godzilla

I made myself an egg, salsa, cheese burrito for breakfast this morning (8 points). About half way through eating it, I didn't want to eat anymore. I felt like I had that look on my face when I tell the kids they need to eat two more bites of vegetables. It's not that it wasn't tasty; I was starting to feel full and I wasn't feeling the texture of the eggs along with the runniness of the salsa.

Traditional I'm not much of a breakfast person. I always eat breakfast because I turn into Godzilla around 10 a.m. without food in my belly. But I keep the mass of my breakfast pretty light. So this was hard for me to choke down a full size burrito. But you know what? I did it because I knew it was important. It was good for my body. It will keep me full and give me energy. Yes, sugary cereal would taste delicious but wouldn't do much for me besides leaving me hungry an hour later.

It's all part of that mental change. Changing the way you look at the importance of food. It's all about using food to your advantage. Making it work for you. Food isn't there to make me happy or calm or help me forget or help me celebrate. It's there for me to survive.

What does your relationship with food look right now?
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