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Feel the Burn

I'm happy to say that I can barely lift my arms to type this because I just completed Day 1 of the 30 day shred!!! Yea me :)

I struggled more in the beginning but seemed to loosen up (mentally and physically) in the second half of the workout and finished strong. I'm anxious to see myself improve with each day. It felt good to feel that muscle fatigue and I have to say I really enjoy the ab circuit. I also allowed myself to modify the moves like Michaels suggests since I'm just starting out.

I'm doing great with my food and made my weekly trip to the store yesterday. I had already planned my meals and snacks for the week and had my list ready to go so I only spent 30 minutes total at the store.

For breakfast I made Greek yogurt pancakes I found on Pinterest. As I mixed the ingredients and put the thick batter in the skillet I was pretty skeptical that the five ingredients would make an edible pancake but it turned out to be the best breakfast I've made in the last two weeks. The best part is that for the four pancakes the batch made they were only 3 points each. I ate two this morning and froze the other two to heat up tomorrow morning. I made mine with chocolate chips and added some lite syrup and typing this is making me want to go to sleep now so that morning will come sooner and I can eat the other two. These did not pass the kid test though. Jacob wouldn't even try them which is unusual for him. Gracie tried a bite and said she didn't like the pancake part (just the chocolate chips!). I have a feeling I will be making a lot of these, especially if it turns out they reheat well.

That's it for tonight. I'm cringing thinking about how sore my neglected muscles are going to be tomorrow. But it's all worth it!

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