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I passed my exam you guys!!! While I was taking the exam and the days following I was so sure I had failed it. But as I've been waiting the seven weeks to get my results in the mail I've talked to more people who had passed the exam and started to think maybe there was a chance that I did pass.

I got my results yesterday and was so shocked to see "Congratulations!" on the letter. I couldn't be happier.


So, I've had a few of my family and friends ask if I'm going to start blogging again. That's the plan starting sometime in February. I've managed to stay in the 195 lbs. mark the last six months but I've not been tracking points OR exercising.

I know myself and I'm not ready yet. I haven't (won't) let myself go back over 200 lbs., but I don't have "it" yet - to know that I can start to losing weight again. I'm getting closer and will fill you all in when I get there. 

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