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Note to Self For the Fall

Original posted 1/1/11

Note to Self for November 2011 (I think this applies once Oct. 1 hits!)

Dear Self,

December is going to be really, really hard for you wellness wise. You'll breeze by Thanksgiving and think you'll have no problem with December, but you will be wrong.

You know you don't do well when your routines are out of sorts and during December routines are totally out the window. You will be stressed with too much to do and not enough time. You will feel guilty about not spending enough time with the kids and you will try to do it all and not succeed.

You will do fine at work. You will be able to resist the coffee cake and chocolate and cookies that are on the nook outside your office.

Your biggest temptations will be at home and with your lack of time. Don't buy cookies "for the kids" don't keep sweets from the party "for the kids." Because they won't stick around long enough "for the kids" to eat them.

Your word for the month of December should be "PLAN." Know you will be short on time and will be tempted to take the easy way out and go through the drive through. You'll give up your time at the grocery store for a fun evening at the local Mexican restaurant. Plan better than that.

The best thing you can do is to not take part in your "normal" weekly splurges like Five Guys on Friday night because of all the other parties that you will be going to.

You need exercise. You need it physically and mentally. You won't have time to go to your classes like you usually do. You'll work your calendar around so you think you'll be able to go, but life will come up and you won't go. PLAN. Get workout dvds in the house for the month of December so you can do them after the kids go to bed. You will feel better when you do.

And most importantly keep everything in perspective. You've felt like a wellness failure this entire month, but when you look back at your weight on Nov. 26 (194.4) and Dec. 31 (196.2) you only gained 1.8 pounds. Only 1.8 pounds. You can take that off in a week no problem. Maybe instead of wasting so much time beating yourself up you could have just accepted that December is a hard month for you, acknowledge that you'll never give up, that you'll never throw in the towel during December and just start over in January - that's just not your style. And instead, enjoy your crazy, busy life during the month of December for what it's worth.

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