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Weigh In

Weigh in Day - Oct. 26
Previous weight - 196.6 (Oct. 12 - I was out of town Oct. 19)
Current weight - 197.4
Difference - gained .8 lb.

Total weight lost - 47.6 pounds

Wellness wise, this week consisted of me taking off vacation weight from last week and fast-food weight from the week before. Just know that I lost several pounds this week even though I show a gain up above.

But the point is - I shouldn't have been in that position this week in the first place. It was all lack of planning and not having enough hours in the day.

My major accomplishment this week was making it to Zumba twice! After consulting my workout calendar I discovered I hadn't worked out in six weeks. That's just pitiful. Even though I enjoyed class both times this week it was like dragging myself to the dentist office. I DID NOT WANT TO GO.

I need to go. Especially right now with all the stress of this exam on top of work, family and the holidays. 

To be honest I probably won't be able to blog again until after my exam in December (sorry Mom). I'll try and at least do my Friday weigh ins. I had a bit of a breakdown this week when I scored 50% on the latest practice test I took. I did some regrouping afterward and feel better about it, but I have to commit to even more study time now if I have any chance of passing this thing.

Here's a photo - mostly because I like how my hair turned out today. 

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