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Weigh In

Weigh in Day - Sept. 14
Previous weight - 197.8
Current weight - 197.2
Difference - lost .6 lbs.

Total weight lost - 47.8 pounds

I felt really, really good yesterday. That's what starting a "new week" can do for you sometimes. I'm feeling refocused. I'm excited about today. This is what I posted on my Facebook this morning.

These kind of days don't come along very often. Jim and the kids actually went to a scout campout last night so I was able to sleep in this morning. It was weird. I keep trying to figure out what I want to do today and so far I have successfully watched So You Think You Can Dance and taken a shower.

I'm figuring out what to do for lunch. I do know I'll go to the store sometime today. All of my frozen meals are gone and I don't want to cook anything. I'm thinking a big salad sounds good.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone. I hope it's as relaxing as mine has been so far.
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