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Throwback Thursday


Or TBT as the kids like to say.

I was looking for a photo of Gracie's baptism for a school assignment and found this photo of me from 2005.


I think I can probably find some other gems like this one to post every Thursday. It's always a great reminder for me to remember how far I've come.

I've been down on myself this week. Teetering on wanting to give up and fighting to keep going. I keep telling myself it might be good to have a gain this week - to take some of the pressure off. But every time I say that I just shake my head and wonder why I would even think that.

When I think about my October goal I set for myself, I'm disappointed in what the number shows on the scale today. I wanted the number to be lower. But I sure didn't put in the work to see the number I wanted.

I still have three weeks until my goal date and could do some serious damage to the scale, but I have to be in it 100%.

This weekend is my chance to shine. No big plans. No opportunities to blow all my weekly points in two days. I can do this.
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