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I made potato soup over the weekend (which was delicious and filling and actually pretty low on WW points+) and I bought some rolls from the grocery to eat with the soup. Surprisingly only 2 points+ each.

So I've been sick with strep throat since Monday. I'm finally starting to feel human again and went looking in the kitchen for something to eat. When I saw the rolls I knew that's what I wanted. I happened to have some Country Crock in the fridge for some reason (we never have butter) and so I spread some butter on the roll.

With the first bite I had an instant flashback. The taste of butter on bread. I used to sneak that all the time when I was a kid. I would eat multiple slices of it. I'm not sure why that was one of the things I used to binge on.

When I ate it just now it made my stomach ache. But I ate the whole thing - that's another one of my issues. Why do I feel like I must finish food even if I don't enjoy it. I wish I hadn't eaten it. I wish I would have just thrown it away. Not so much for the point value but just because I feel bad now.

I bet that's why I never have butter in the fridge - especially the spreadable kind. I always just buy it when I need it - for baking or corn on the cob.

The things I'm still discovering about myself ...
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