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As Much as I Love Dance

Gracie started dance back up this week. I love it so much. I can't even put into words why. I love everything about it: the black leotards with pink tights, how all the older girls wear their hair in buns with a colorful flower pinned next to it, how magical the light is in Studio Sea. I love the 25 minute drive to the studio and talking with Gracie. I love special trips to Noodles and Co. on the way home when we share a Fresca from the soda fountain and she eats Mac-n-Cheese with chopsticks.

Most of all I love watching Gracie. I love watching her fall in love with dance. I love the confidence it gives her. I love how it teaches her about hard work and determination. I love watching her make new friends.

Oh how I wish I loved other things as much as I love dance. Like laundry or helping with homework or especially trying to lose weight.

Sure there are times when I love trying to lose weight. I love when I get compliments or see a physical difference in my appearance. But most of the times it's just not something I like to do. It's hard. It's boring. It's an inconvenience.

But I have to keep doing it. Just like I have to keep doing laundry and helping with homework. Because it's worth it.
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